Application of Jyotish Basics

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

We all know how important it is to apply basics of Jyotish in every horoscope.  However, many-a-times, we jump into the houses, house lords, raja yoga’s and combination for wealth.  We offer the client many good reasons of the existence of great luck and fortune in his/her chart.  The result, of course is so opposite that the client usually never sees these yoga’s, wealth and fortune fructifying.  The astrologer then attempts to justify these by extending the rules of Jyotish.  When I was taught Jyotish, I was always made to follow a step by step approach, never losing sight of the core basics of Jyotish.  To illustrate this point, I put up a chart.


Even a simple cursory glance at this chart reveals many great combinations and yoga’s.  For example, the lords of the 9th and 10th have conjoined, giving rise to the great Dharma-Karmadhipathi yoga!  The lord of 11th (Labha/gains) has conjoined the lord of 10th, Venus showing great wealth.  Mangala and Surya are in the 10th house in Digbala.  The Malaviya mahapurusha yoga of Sukra confirms the fortune of very good wealth.  Last, but not the least the very auspicious Praijatha yoga has blessed this chart.

If we examine this chart a little more carefully, this time with simple Jyotish basics in mind, a different picture emerges.

Basic rule # 1: – The strength of the chart lies in the strength of the Lagna lord.  This is so simple that many just ignore this principle.  While Lagna represents the amount of resources one has at his/her disposal regarding intellect, the lagna lord or Lagnesh shows how one applies this intellect.  If the lagna lord is afflicted, then the very foundation of the chart becomes weak. No shloka’s or Parasara or Jaimini will work if the chart has been rendered weak due to the affliction/weakness of the lagna lord.

Lagna lord is Shani is debilitated in Mesha and in association with a dire malefic Rahu.  This very factor has ruined the horoscope.  Look a little closer, then we see Surya, the lord of the 8th (a deadly enemy) is debilitated and also aspects the already weak lagna lord.  This is most unfortunate as two debilitated planets in mutual aspect are disastrous to the bhava’s concerned.   This clearly shows the native has very less intellect and Rahu being involved also made him untrustworthy and cunning.  The two debilitated planets aspecting each other has involved the 4th and 10th bhavas.  The 4th bhava has to do with comfort, satisfaction and contentment (among other significations).  The 10th bhava is about one’s karma and work in society.

Basic Rule # 2:- For a bhava to prosper, there are 3 dimensions one should evaluate.

  1.  The Bhava or the house under consideration
  2. The lord of the house under consideration
  3. The Karaka of the house under consideration

Only if all the three are afflicted, only then we can say that the bhava has been ruined.  But even one of the three has gained strength then the bhava will prosper.

In the chart, we can apply this principle to any bhava.  As an example, we can take the 4th house.  The 4th house is Mesha and houses a debilitated lagna lord Shani and first rate malefic, Rahu.  Even the aspect of a benefic Guru from Thula is insufficient as Guru himself is conjoined with malefics. We can safely say that the 4th house is indeed afflicted.

We then move on to evaluate the 4th lord, Mangala.  We see that Mangala is the 3rd and 11th lord.  3rd and 11th are trishadhaya houses and 11th is the highest malefic of the trishadhaya houses.  This evil Mangala has conjoined a debilitated 8th lord Surya (Dusthana) making Mangala even more evil.  The nodal involvement has not helped at all.  We can thus safely say that the 4th lord is indeed afflicted.

We then move on to evaluate the karaka.  Since the 4th house is under consideration, we would take Chandra as the Karaka.  Chandra, in this chart is also the Chara Atmakaraka. Chandra is placed in the 9th house owned by enemy mercury.  Please note that there are no graha’s in Kendra’s to Chandra making it weak further.

Hence the three dimensions of evaluation have given us a negative result.  The native’s mother passed away early and was under the influence of foster mother

Conclusion – Understanding the basics of Jyotish and their application alone can give a good understanding of the chart.  Jumping to the raja yoga’s based on combinations is dangerous and will ensure that the predictions of the astrologer will go wrong

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