Argalā – The Bolt

Background – In Jyotish, there are many tools that help us timing an event.  However, which tool to use when and how is usually unclear. What is more frustrating is these tools are combined together and we get a very confusing picture as each tool would give opposite interpretations. Maharishi Parasara and Jaimini have given many tools, of which I will restrict myself to explaining just three.  The three tools are

  • Rasi Dristi
  • Graha Drishti
  • Argalā

Rasi Dristi – This is the aspect of the signs where Chara Rasis (movable signs) aspect the Sthira Rasis (fixed sings) and vice-versa (excluding the adjacent sign).  However, the dual signs aspect each other.  Rasi Drishti is a permanent aspect like two adjoining houses in a neighborhood.  What can at best change is the people who live in houses.  Both the houses know the existence of the other house and hence they have complete knowledge of the same.  That is the reason; Rasi Drishti is said to have the quality of knowledge.

Graha Drishti – This is the aspect of the grahas.  This is an aspect that is more of a desire.  This aspect is not permanent in nature and is conditioned to the dasa-antra dasa effects.  The good or bad results of this aspect are due to our own desires or right or wrong perceptions.  For example, Shani graha dristi brings sorrow.  If this aspect is on the 2nd house, this means sorrow due to family. This sorrow is due to our own desire and perception we may have towards our family.  I call this graha dristi as the outcome of our own expectation management.

Argalā – An event happens due to Rasi dristi, graha dristi, and graha Sambhandha like yuti, parivarthana, etc. However, how the event is finally sealed and delivered is due to Argalā.  The concept of Argalā may be confusing at first.  Hence we need more examples just to understand this tricky and yet powerful tool in Jyotish.  When an event is to happen, Argalā will show who or/and what are interfering and influencing in the affairs of that event.  Hence Argalā is on houses and grahas as well.  We can understand the intervention on grahas/houses and also Naisargika karakas. This is the reason; Argalā is also called as a bolt that seals the event.

There are many levels of Argalā, but I will be restricting this paper only to primary Argalā.  Secondary and tertiary Argalā is more advanced and hopefully, I will write about them as well in the future.

Primary Argalā – Signs/planets in the 2nd, 4th, or 11th from a sign/planet intervene in the affairs (meaning they cause Argalā), while signs/planets in the 12th, 10th or 3rd from a sign/planet obstruct the Argalā or intervention.  This obstruction is called Virodha Argalā. We see there are activities and a reaction working in pairs here.  The 12th blocks the 2nd, the 10th blocks the 4th, and the 3rd blocks the 11th.   If one looks carefully, these are the same houses that are involved in temporary relationships between planets.  The Argalā of the 2nd is called Dhana Argalā; the Argalā of the 4th is called Sukha Argalā while the 11th Argalā is called Labha Argalā.

Let us try to understand the application of Argalā and the chart I have picked is that of Dhirubhai Ambani, one of the richest men India has seen.  It is obvious that there is an umpteen number of Dhana yoga’s in the chart.  What we will see the Argalā on dhanakaraka, Jupiter. Jupiter is the Lagna lord and the 4th lord, placed in the 10th, a powerful Kendra.  We will take Jupiter in Virgo as the focal point.  Jupiter is placed in Virgo, a benefic sign.  There is no Argalā from Libra as there are no planets.  The sign of Libra however shows business and market.   There are mars giving Virodha Argalā from Leo.  Thus mars will have a say in the money matters of the person.  Mars represents all that has to do with engineering, factories, mechanical industries, and entrepreneurial skills.  Shani, the lord of the 2nd has Rasi dristi on this mars and Shani is the karaka (apart from others) of oil, petroleum. Sun and moon have Argalā on Jupiter and there is no obstruction from Gemini. Mars also is the Chara atmakaraka.  Surya indicates working with people in the government and he did have many connections to the politically powerful people. Moon also has Argalā on Jupiter and it is a known fact that Dhirubhai Ambani actually started clothes and yarn business with his partner. This partnership ended eventually due to the temperament mismatch between Dhirubhai and this partner.  Chandra is the karaka for emotions, clothes, yarn, and polyester and is the 8th lord, clearly showing an abrupt end to the partnership.  This Argalā of Sun and Moon is not countered from the 10th house. Hence all the influences of Sun and moon on money matters will dominate. It is interesting to note that Jupiter as the Dhana Karaka is having a Rasi dristi on Lagna, Sun, and moon.  The mutual equation is complete.  The 11th house from Jupiter is Karaka has no graha and this has a Virodha Argalā from Scorpio hosting Venus and mercury.  Venus rules the entire private sector, whereas mercury rules business and they have an influence on Jupiter, the Dhana karaka.  If we look closely, Karaka has SL (Shree Lagna showing the blessings of Maha Lakshmi) and Scorpio has GL (Ghatika Lagna showing power) and HL (Hora Lagna showing money).

In the same way, we can see the invisible hand of Argalā on all houses and other karakas as well.