Collection of Jyotish Seminars conducted by Pandit Katti Narahari

Dasamsa Master Course

Welcome to the Dasamsa Master Course. You will learn all about Career, profession, business, the timing of events, and Dasamsa devatas. This course is suited for people who have the basics of Vedic Astrology.

Panchanga and your Horoscope

This is a one-day seminar conducted in Bangalore.  Panchanga means 5 elements of time.  This is also 5 qualities of time.  How can the natal panchanga be linked to the natal horoscope?  This Seminar will take a deep dive with concepts, parampara secrets to many case studies.

Marriage and Relationships Master Class

This seminar was conducted way back in 2014.  This one-day seminar, covering a total of 7+ hours of teaching.  Learn all about relationships and marriage.