Katti Parashara Jyotish Course Year 1


I am pleased to announce the enrolment for the one-year parashara course [2022-2023].


This course is taught with the help of multiple methodologies.  Unlike other courses, this is NOT a 100% online course.  Once the enrollment is complete, I will schedule a Zoom call with you for the Parampara mantra initiation.  I will also advise on the best practices to study.

Once the initiation is done, you will start learning via pre-recorded videos.  These are a mix of audio and video content. There will be regular assignments and case studies.  These must be emailed to me.

There will be a dedicated WhatsApp group created for interactions with me.  In addition to this, every month, I will invite all students of this batch to a face-to-face question and answer session via Zoom.  This is dedicated for students to ask their queries and get clarifications from me.

Jyotish Shastra is a huge ocean and I know that just one year is not enough to learn all its aspects.  However, this one-year course is designed with a simple objective.  The objective being the student must be able to start analyzing charts at the end of the year.  

The detailed syllabus is attached.

The course fee is INR.54,000/-.  We do not have any installment options.   

Please email us back for your enrolment confirmation.  We will send you the payment details.