The Guru-Sishya Parampara

The Guru-Sishya prampara is very unique right from the Vedic traditions to at least 5000 years ago . Somewhere down the line this process was diluted or broken due to various reasons. For a desire to continue this sacred tradition, we have to first understand what it means. I, Pundit Katti Narahari belong to one such parampara namely the Katti parampara. The word Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu (repeated thrice) has always been a part of the parampara. The three times recitation of Vishnu is for the three lokas viz. Bhu, Bhuva, and Swaha. This is the process wherein the knowledge you will learn will be a soul level learning. If the learning is not soul level, it is a matter of time, this vidya will be forgotten by you. The name of Vishnu repeated thrice will ensure that this vidya accompanies you to your next life also. The meaning of Vishnu is the one who is present everywhere. Omnipresence means Vishnu. The knowledge you will learn will be known to all. The term is sarvavyapakeswara, that which is everywhere. Here is a simple remedy/process I was taught
  1. Even now when I pick up a book to read (A Jyotish book or software related one) I recite Vishnu and touch the book. This is a sincere prayer from you so that the knowledge of the book will come to you.
  2. Say Vishnu for the second time and touch your head. This is because the guru always sits on your head. This is a sincere prayer to your own guru so that the guidance is always here.
  3. Say Vishnu for the third time and touch your heart. This is because the knowledge must eventually sit and sing from your heart. Once the knowledge takes root in your heart chakra, then it transforms into a soul level knowledge.