Nadi Jyotish Copy

The origin of Nadi Jyotish is rooted in mystery. One version is that the Rishi’s became high experts in this method, that they started casting horoscopes of people who were not yet born. Tons and tons of horoscopes were created and the rishis would start a debate amongst themselves regarding the predictions of each chart and in each area of that person’s life. The devatas were alarmed by this development as they considered this as a challenge to their own capabilities. Hence all the Nadi horoscopes were burnt and what remained are called Nadi palm leaves. These palm leaves (whatever little remained) were handed down from parent to child in certain families. These Nadi remnants are Bhrigu Nadi, Shuka Nadi and Chandra Kala Nadi No matter which Nadi, each is divided into the first category called bhava phalas mapping to the 12 bhavas of the horoscope. The second category is Yoga khanda pertaining to the many yogas of success, achievements, social and political rise based on certain combinations in the horoscope. The third category is called Karma Khanda that goes into certain good and bad karmas that were done in the previous life. The fourth category is called Shathi Khanda that deans with the remedial measure so that the past bad karma may be mitigated in this life. I must add a caution here. The Nadi reading itself is shrouded in complete mystery whereby only the family that has these granthas know how to decode the horoscope written in palm leaves. Another caution is the Nadi reading is very accurate when it comes to the past events, but not so much when it comes to future events of a person’s life.