Namaste to all Jyotishis, susvaagatam. We begin our journey into the learning of Jyotish with a simple mantra

|| Vyam Vyasaadevaaaya Namah  ||

This mantra is a supreme salutation Maharishi Vyasa. All authentic traditions link back to maharishi Vyasa. This is a Jyotish learning that is based on Pundit Katti Narahari’s tradition and it will help immensely is one chant’s this mantra for at least 108 times before learning this Jyotish vidya.

I have a few suggestions for all of you at this point.


1. Take each topic/lesson slow. Do not Rush.

2. Read the topics multiple times.

3. Keep a dedicated book/register for the following

  • mantras you will learn in this course
  • the Sanskrit terms you will learn