Dasamsa – Your Profession and Career



The duration of this course will be for 4 + 1 weekend Each class with be for 2 hours.    Each session will have a Q&A.  The last weekend will be dedicated to Q&A.  This course will be available as a lifetime access.

The course Dakshina will be INR. 19,999/-.

People who already are enrolled in my Dasamsa seminar may not apply.  However, this class will be more interactive and personalized with dedicated Q&A.

All recordings will be available on www.jyotishkatti.com for registered participants.

The topics for the webinar are as below

1.  The 10th house
2.  The 10th house – Planets and Tatwas
3.  Planets in the 10th house
4.  The 10th house and the 10th lord
5.  Kubera, Budha, and Dristi
6.  The 10th lord
7.  Quiz and Case Study
8.  Job change – Are you sure it’s a good time?
9.  The 10th lord and Your Ayana – What is your Karmic Goal?
10. The 10th lord and Karaka Equation
11.  What is your highest Karma in this lifetime?
12.  How clear are you with the job role?
13.  New Job – Accept or reject?
14.  Job Success or Failure?
15.  Recap and Case Studies
16.  The 10th lord in various bhavas
17.  Swarga Amsa
18.  Dasamsa Calculation
19.  Dasamsa Table
20.  Dasamsa Basics
21.  Case Study
22.  Dasamsa Karaka and Karya Bhava
23.  Ready reckoner
24.  Case Studies
25.  Your Abilities from Dasamsa
26.  Case Studies
27.  Dasamsa houses – What do they mean to you?
28.  Chart Analysis
29.  Dasamsa Devatas – Introduction
30.  Digpala – Introduction
31.  Dasamsa devatas – Deep dive
32.  Graha Directions.  Your Karmic and geographical location for success.
33.  Case Studies
34.  Surya Dasamsa Devata – Your Karma in this life
25.  Surya Dasamsa Devata – Your Karma in this life – How to apply in the chart?
26.  Assignment
27.  Chandra Dasamsa Devata – Are you happy with your job?
28.  Assignment
29.  Budha Dasamsa Devata – How much money will you make?
30.  Assignment
31.  Guru Dasamsa Devata – How successful and famous are you?
32.  Questions and answers
33.  Remedies
34.  Advice from the Parampara
35.  Conclusion