I started learning Vedic astrology as a part of my family tradition since the age of 7. Although being a senior global SAP (ERP) consultant, I started practicing astrology since 2002.

My services involve the identification and correction of problems based on the principles of Vedic astrology or Jyotish. This involves the use of the birth details and advice based on Jyotish and simple and yet effective mantra-based remedial measures.



  1. For new clients, I would recommend one hour (60 mins) consultation. There can be any number of questions during the consultation. I recommend the client to prioritize the questions for better focus of corrections and remedies.
  2. The consultation readings can be in person (for Bangalore based clients), or Phone call or Zoom conference. Reading recordings will be available only via Zoom consultations.
  3. The consultation may not mention ALL the principles in a consultation unless deemed relevant. For the purpose of brevity may not expand on the depth of his analysis unless specifically requested.


Standard one hour consult with Satwic mantra based remedies – Rs. 5000/-.

Language for consultation are English/Hindi/Kannada.


Three Questions:

Please be as clear as possible with regard to your questions. . Please write down the questions clearly after contemplating on them and then write any number from 1 to 108 after the question.

Choose a number between 1 to 108 that comes to your mind …For example: ” Will I get married this year? Number – 88.”